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Cary Audio’s new Model 3 speakers in exotic wood are $4,500/pair.

Cary was also showing their new SLP-5 Class A single ended triode preamplifier, at $8,000.
These Magellan Concerto speakers from France have a huge number of screws holding the tweeter in place.

McCormack is now offering the UDP-1 Universal Player for $3,495.
McCormack Audio’s DNA-500 stereo power amplifier, at $6,995.

muRata speakers. The super tweeter on top is the ES-105, priced at $1,895 a pair. The main speaker is the 301, and is about $10,000 a pair.
MSB Technology’s new cylindrical Platinum Monoblock amplifiers, delivering 200 watts each, are $14,000 the pair. The new speakers don’t have a model number yet.

Polk Audio’s LC-265-IP is an in-wall speaker that is IP addressable, meaning you can “log on” to its DSP circuit and modify the response curve. Three power amplifiers are also built-in, 25 watts for the tweeter, 75 watts for the midrange, and 100 watts for the woofer. Price is $6,000 a pair.
Sim Audio showed their new Moon Orbiter Universal DVD Player with DVI output.

Sim Audio’s Moon W10 monoblock has a chassis full of capacitors and two toroidal transformers wired in parallel. That is what it takes to deliver 650 watts into 8 ohms.
Horn speakers are still popular with folks who can afford them. These Avantgarde Acoustic Metaduo horns are $70,000 for a pair. They are about 6 feet tall.


Hsu Research’s new VTF-2HO has a 10” driver, 350 watt amplifier, and a 4” port. It goes down to 23 Hz. With an accessory called the turbo charger, that extends the port and sits on top of the subwoofer, response is extended to 18 Hz. Price will be less than $1,000.
Thiel Audio has designed their Lifestyle line of on-wall, in-wall, and in-ceiling speakers with aluminum enclosures.

Media Servers are a hot new category. This music server from McIntosh, the MS300, has a 300 GB hard disk, and will store 800 CDs using a lossless compression algorithm. Price is $5,100.


The Nordost Thor is a Power Distribution System that puts all components plugged into it on Star Grounding and is designed to lower the noise floor of both audio and video. $3,000.

Nordost has a new line of cables, called WyreWizard. The interconnects on the left are the Enchantress, at $141/0.5m pair.The speaker cables on the right are sold in bulk, at $5.99/foot.
AV123’s Rocket ULW-10 subwoofer comes with a microphone that plugs into the sub for auto EQ of the major peak or dip in your room response. All for $499.

AV123 displayed the Emotiva LMC-1 SSP ($599) and Emotiva LPA-1 six channel power amplifier ($699). So, for less than $1,300, you get separates.

Innersound’s suite at the Bellagio had a full set of electrostatic speakers for surround sound, and a new set of monoblock power amplifiers (800 watts each) to drive them.

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