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Immersive is taking Faroudja straight on with its new Simmetry DVD transport that has an on-board scaler. Look for full motion adaptive support for 1080i next year.



After wowing us at last year's show, the Samsung SP700, officially endorsed by Joe Kane, is finally shipping.
Theta Casablanca III with new upgrades.

Mirage outdoor speakers.
Paradigm showed off their new line of low priced speakers that have a silver gray finish.

JVC has begun to make speaker cones from thin slices of wood.
Everyone is making Home Theater in a Box systems, now. This one is from Tannoy.

Paradigm has revised their Monitor Speaker Series - it is now v.4 - by improving the crossover network.
Theta Digital has some very big monoblock power amplifiers.

Mass market manufacturers are coming out with huge receivers. This one is an Integra.
Another trend is components with a silver finish, like these from Meridian.

There were lots of new projectors. This is the Panasonic PT-AE700-U.
And this one from Epson, the Cinema 200.

Hitachi's new 50VX915 High Definition RPTV has very clean lines.
Fujitsu is now in the front projector market with their new LPF-D711WW 1080p LCD projector. MSRP: $25,000.

Joe Kane hosted a session showing Windows Media 9 being played back through a Samsung projector and a Stewart Grayhawk screen.
There were a number of three-chip DLP projectors, including this one, the model X3, from DreamVision. They are all still pricey though.

Brad Marcus, of, brought his father to help out with the booth.

Sony has a new Dark Screen that they will be marketing soon, which has superb contrast, even in rooms with ambient lighting. It should be beautiful with their new HS-51 projector that adjusts the iris automatically in dark scenes, to give a high dynamic range. There was some lighting in the room where this demo was held. The right 1/3 of the screen in the photo is standard screen material, and you can see how washed out the image is. The left 2/3 of the screen is the Sony Dark Screen material.

McIntosh premiered their new MX-135 SSP.
Harman-Kardon showed their latest mid-priced receivers, the AVR-435 and AVR-635.

JL Audio's Gotham subwoofer looks like an engine to a formula race car.



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