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Solid Acoustics introduced this omni-directional speaker, which is supposed to deliver sound as a point source. MSRP: $2,000 each.

D-ILA is starting to look very good. Here is JVC's new 62" HD-ILA Rear Projection TV, with 1,280 x 720p resolution. MSRP: $4,500.
Thiel showed new models in their SmartSubs line. They range in price from $2,900 to $8,900, and are designed to work with their new Sub Integrator ($4,500), which blends the main speakers with the subwoofer.

Faraoudja's new HD-ILA projector has full 1,920 x 1080p resolution. At $39,000 it comes with a video processor.
Classé's new product line. Shown here are the CAM-400 Monoblock Power Amplifiers, at $5,000 each. The line has a much different look than before.

With the new DVI and HDMI connectors, there is a need for switchers, and Gefen has a large array of such products.
Media Servers are hot now, and a lot of companies were showing them at CEDIA, including this one from Escient. It is called the Fireball 300, and will hold 1,000 CDs at standard CD resolution, but uses a proprietary lossless compression technique for storage to increase capacity. Price is $3,900 and it can be used from any PC in the house through a web browser.

Martin Logan displayed their "Statement" piece, which has a 6 foot electrostatic panel (framed in red) for most of the audio spectrum, an array of cone mid-bass drivers to the left of the electrostatic panel, and four subwoofer modules, shown to the far left. Price is $120,000 for a pair of speakers.
Velodyne introduced a new line of subwoofers, called DLS. They are slot loaded like the DLPs, but have a remote control instead of the DSP buttons on the top of the subwoofer. Price ranges from $399 to $799.

The McIntosh MC-2102 is a stereo tube power amplifier.
Totem Acoustics had their booth in this tent, with a projector showing a movie on the round animal skin in the center.

Stealth Acoustics showed this in-wall speaker that projects its sound through the sheet rock. You can paint over it, and the result is a wall with nothing showing. Price is about $250 per speaker panel.
Here is another media server, called MediaMax. All the media servers handle music, but some of them use DVD jukeboxes to control your movies, rather than storing the DVDs on a hard drive.

Earthquake Sound has a division called Nova, to sell speakers along with their Earthquake subwoofers. This pair of "Titans" is their statement piece, at $20,000 a pair. The matching center channel speaker is $5,000.
B&K had a display of the chassis parts from one of their receivers, emphasizing the size of the potted toroidal transformer and power supply capacitors.

Sony introduced this 70" SXRD (reflective LCD) rear projection TV that has full 1,920 x 1,080 resolution. The image was spectacular. The price is $10,000 which is quite reasonable compared to the SXRD front projector with the same resolution ($25,000).
Denon's new AVR-5805 receiver has enough jacks on the rear panel to satisfy anyone.
New Pioneer receivers have HDMI jacks that will connect with their other products. HDMI carries both digital audio and digital video signals.
InFocus' new three-chip DLP projector has 1280 x 720p resolution, and is about $30,000.
Arcam's new DV-29 DVD player has HDMI connections.
DVDO has HDMI support on their new IScan video processor.
Lumagen's new scaler offers SDI, DVI, and other connections. It will de-interlace 1080i to 1080p. Prices start at $999.

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