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Yamaha displayed their new RX-V2500 (top) and RX-V1500 as well as some new DVD players like the DVD-S2500 shown here.  The new receivers have manually configurable parametric equalizers, a GUI based interface, and some other added GUIs.  As with many of the DVD players this year, HDMI has been added to the DVD-S2500 (finger pointing to HDMI jack). Some components have Firewire connectors to carry SACD digital bitstreams (DVD-A digital bitstreams go through the HDMI connections), but DVI jacks are gone.


Dolby showed off the Acura TL which comes equipped with a DVD-Audio system.  This was by far the best stock audio system I have ever heard in a car.
Energy demonstrated their Lifestyle speakers.  It seems that everyone is moving to flat panel displays and speakers to go with them.

Mirage had their new line of subwoofers, S-8 through S-12 (bottom) and an in-ceiling version of their omni-polar design.
Tannoy showed some impressive looking active speakers with computer controllable parameters such as crossover and EQ.

With everyone getting a little tired, it was a good time to check out the many displays of home theater furniture.
M&K upgrades many of their subs by reducing the cabinet dimensions and increasing the power two-fold.

Auralex had their rigid fiber panels on display. Absorbing twice as much sound as foam counterparts of the same thickness, these look sharp. Price is $99 per 2'x4' panel.
Gary Altunian from Yamaha shows us their Digital Sound Projector, an array of speakers able to deliver full 5.1 from a single box . . . VERY convincingly.

M&K's five-speakers-in-one-box impressed us with its ability to sound much bigger than it appears.
Sony's 34 inch Wega XBR TV is shown here, one of only three direct view CRT TVs we found at the show.

Viewsonic leverages their experience with flat panel PC monitors to deliver quality flat panel TVs.
Silicon Optix demonstrated their video processing using an 18 ft wide screen and a projector from Digital Projection.


The Silicon Otpix Party attracted many luminaries.

Sharp announced a new lower cost HD2+ 720p DLP projector, the XV-Z2000 ($4500 MSRP), with many of the features of their flagship Z12000.  The XV-Z2000 will ship in November, 2004.
Crystal Vision was one of the only companies offering CRT-based projectors.

Mitsubishi is getting serious about the Home Theater market with their HC-2000U ($9,999 MSRP), a 720p HD2+ based DLP projector.
Exact Power introduced a new 20 amp version of their AC line conditioners, the EP-20A.
Shown here is a cutout of the Aerial 20T, which is their flagship speaker.  Pricing starts just above $20K/Pair.

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