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CES 2004


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Meridian had their usual digital speakers in designer colors. This time it was red instead of Ferrari yellow.
Meridian also brought their new line of more affordable products, including this processor. Black is out. Brushed aluminum is in.

Aragon was also showing products in the light colors. I guess everyone is just plain tired of dark chassis.
TheaterMaster demonstrated their processor with an LCD display on the front. This is a trend that many companies are following. The display shows the menus, but it also can show the program material.
Theater chairs are popular items, but where is the drink holder?
Elac speakers show another trend, namely the aluminum enclosure. The shiny aluminum driver cones add a nice touch.
Legacy Audio Victoria on top and VC12.2 on the bottom.
XLO cables come in these nice boxes. It is part of the expense, but consumers expect such niceties.
Look at the power supply capacitors in these Bryston amplifiers. That is what makes a good amp.
Faroudja showed their projector that uses an anamorphic lens with a 4:3 panel.
And yet another trend . . . flat speakers that don't take up much space on a wall. These would go nicely with a flat panel TV display.
Tall slim speakers are a huge hit, probably because they go so well with flat panel displays, or sitting just about anywhere for that matter.

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