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CES 2004


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Panasonic featured an LCD-based RPTV with native 1080p resolution.


BenQ demonstrated their new 7800, based on the Matterhorn Chip.

Optoma was demonstrating the Affordable H30 (800x600) as well as the H76 with a native resolution of 720p.


Faroudja showed an amazing up-converter that scales DVDs to HD resolution.  They also offer a DVD player with the same scaler included.  While most vendors were only showing 720p HD material in their demos, Faroudja showed how good DVDs could look with high definition scaling
One of the largest LCD displays, 42 was shown by Lucky Goldstar (LG).
If you want a hallway mirror with an LCD embedded inside, Philips makes this unit for you. When you turn the LCD off, the place where the LCD was visible, now becomes part of the mirror.
Thiel makes these speakers to replace the ones that come with your flat panel TV. They have to be mounted on the wall next to the flat panel.
Samsung showed this little 5.1 audio system that has wireless rear channel speakers.
Samsung's portable MP3 players are getting smaller and smaller. The one on the right is a new model that is about the size of a credit card.

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