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Samsung brought an 80" plasma to the show. They will be available this year, but are directed at the commercial segment more than the consumer market. LG Electronics also had their bad boy on display, a 76" plasma. Let the plasma size wars begin.
Niro showed their Movie Mouse prototype. At the size of  a dinner plate, the speaker array can be moved around. It's designed to be near field, and was quite astonishing. The psycho-acoustic technology that Niro is perfecting is ground breaking.

The HD DVD Group had players and recorders on display. They also had computer players on display. The HD DVD group seems to be behind the blu-ray group, but they are offering better compatibility. It will be interesting to see which group ends up winning this heated battle.
DTS's demo room was very impressive, employing 16 Halcro monoblocs driving bi-amped JBL K2 S9800 speakers in a six channel array. The sound was dynamic to say the least. For such a large room, the sound was particularly detailed.
Denon was showing prototypes of a series of high-end separates that will be introduced next year at CES 2005. The equipment consisted of a Pre-Pro with separate video switching capabilities, a seven-channel power amp and a DVD transport. The processor is a true assault on the best products available and will weigh over 80 lbs. The entire system is expected to cost $25,000 to $30,000.

Pioneer Elite's new VSX-59TXi looked very impressive with its iLink connections and its ability to decode surround from Windows Media 9. The 59TXi is similar to previous generations of Pioneer's flagship receivers, employing the same amplification, but upgrades the MCACC and the digital processing. The MCACC now has the ability to measure and correct for room reflections
Anthem finally had their new D1 processor with fully balanced (dual differential) 24/192 DACs on all channels.
Products that can show your digital photos were hot this year. Here is an Epson RPTV that has a digital camera card reader built-in so you can show your family photos.
Harman-Kardon showed their new line of receivers.
InnerSound released their new electrostatic-hybrid center channel speaker. The ESL panel can be adjusted to whatever angle you like.
Infinity had several new lines of speakers on display. The $2998 price tag does not include the subwoofer though.
JBL and several other manufacturers showed Home Theater in a Box (HTIB) packages that include a plasma flat panel display. This system is $15,000, including a 50" plasma.
Nordost had several new AC power cords, including this one that retails for $2,500 and uses the same technology in their Valhalla line. Looks like Joe Reynolds took the "Red Eye" flight to Vegas.

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