Day 4 - Friday, January 11, 2002


Audio Physic's newest iteration of the Avanti line, the model III (MSRP $9,800us), is pictured with the Minos subwoofer.  Camelot Technologies unveiled on static display their latest version of their acclaimed Uther series of DACs. The Uther v.2 mk.IV will go out the door for a cool $5000.

The key feature to the Camelot Technologies Mk. 4 upgrade is the 24/192 upsampling via an Anagram Technologies board. The Anagram board can be seen bottom left. The Camelot Uther features a bevy of inputs and outputs as well as a built-in volume control, thereby eliminating the need for a preamplifier.

Featuring stunning industrial design and equally stunning sound, the Halcro DM-58 Monoblocks boast the lowest distortion figures of any amplifier available (but definitely not the lowest price - as in tens of thousands $$$, and the first number is not a 1). They also do not have any negative feedback. Priced in the "sell your first born" category, the Wilson MAXXs were powered by the ever competent Halcro monoblocks.

MSB Technology was showing their reference CD player ($5000) which features a proprietary high resolution digital link capable of passing a 24/192 digital signal. Got drivers? The Nearfield Acoustics Pipedreams feature multiple drivers in a line source array. Bass is handled by multiple 18" drivers housed in the trash can sized cylinders behind the tower.
JJ gives the Secrets Best of 2001 Award to Charlie Randall of McIntosh Labs, for the MC-602 power amplifier.  Mike Bartlett of Rotel gets the Secrets Best of 2001 Award for the Rotel RMB-1075 power amplifier.

The Secrets booth in a quiet time.  Brian presents Jerry VanderMarel, president of Paradigm, with our Best of 2001 Award for their 90P loudspeakers.

Chris Johnson receives our Best of 2001 award for the Anthem AVM-20 Surround Sound Processor.   

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