Day 0 (Setup Day) - Monday, January 7, 2002


This year, we are in booth LVCC # 24341, which is in a new wing of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Day 0 is the day all the exhibitors set up their booths. Here are some photos.

The NYNY Hotel Memorial. Soliloquy Speakers, impressive finishes.  AAD (the parent company) also distributes Marsh Sound Design in North America.

Noon on Monday, still a lot to be done. New Aragon processor and multi-channel amplifier from the Mondial division of Klipsch.

Faroudja's new DVD player directly feeding a NRS scaler within a single chassis. Meridian's 8000 series, in every color of the rainbow.   I'll take the burgundy please :-)

Parasounds's Halo Amplifiers - look for these in the next quarter or so on the market. More from the Halo lineup, with a couple of tuners completing the cosmetic change.
Canadian Editor Brian Florian braves adverse conditions in Canada's East Coast to make the trip to sunny Las Vegas.

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