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Philips delivers DVD-Video and SACD player.

Philips was showing a variety of new products, the most noteworthy of which was the SACD 1000 (US$2,000).  This player is capable of playing back DVD-Video, CDs, CDRs, and CD-RW.   A big surprise with this player is its ability to play Multi-Channel SACD (meaning more than just two channels).  It includes internal AC-3 (Dolby Digital) and DTS decoding, with the capability of outputting standard DVD video audio tracks via S/PDIF or TOSLink digital outputs.  All SACD output is via analog jacks only.  Philips also demonstrated  Multi-Channel SACD media.  While the speakers and the demonstration material weren't my cup of tea, I was quite impressed by the clarity of the reproduction.  The SACD-1000 is pictured below.  Philips is stating availability as the end of year 2000.

Yes, we're seeing some video gear too --- Philips had two Direct View HDTV CRTs on display which are suited for smaller rooms, or when Spouse Acceptance Factor demands a smaller footprint HDTV set.   The available models are the 30PW9815 (30", US$2,995), the 34PW9815 (34", US$3,995), and the 34PW9846 (same as the 34PW9815, US$4,995) in high gloss black.  Pictured below is the 34PW9815 on its optional stand.

Boulder Amp static display

Some of the finest, (and most expensive) solid state amplifiers are produced in Boulder, Colorado, from the simply named Boulder Amps.  Boulder was displaying two of their products, the 1012 DAC/Preamplifier (US$15,000), and the model 1060 power amplifier (US$18,500), both in a very tasteful brushed silver.  The model 1060 power amp is pictured below.

Sonic Frontiers/Anthem

Sonic Frontiers/Anthem displayed the long awaited Anthem AVM-2 (US$2,595).  This preamplifier/processor is available now from their dealers.  Features include component video switching, balanced outputs on all channels, an AM/FM tuner, external 6.1 inputs along with upgrade capability via an expansion port.  The firmware is software upgradeable via PC and includes remote triggers and Zone 2 capability.  It is pictured below with silver faceplate (also available with black) with a second AVM reversed to show its loaded back panel.

Everywhere you look there are cables.

Lots of cable manufacturers inhabit the booths at CEDIA, but most of them are unfamiliar to our readership because they have products intended for the custom installation market.  There are also companies making products just to manage all the cables, with 19" racks to place structured wiring in.  Hiding here and there among all these companies are a few familiar names, displaying new products in their catalog.

The folks at Analysis Plus have been hard at work creating a few new cables since CES 2000.   New products since CES are the Power Oval power cables (US$267 or US$397 for a 4' length depending on termination choices), Copper-In interconnects (US$199 RCA, US$229 XLR for 1m), Oval Video/Digital (US$139 for 1m), 3 cable Component Video (US$319/3ft) and 5 cable Component Video (US$529 for 3ft).  Below is a family portrait of all their new introductions since CES 2000.

The folks at Kimber Kable were displaying their newest products too.  For the custom install market, they've developed an in-wall cable which is UL listed and has a polyethylene dielectric, and is wrapped in PVC to facilitate easy pulls through conduit or the wall.  Priced at US$1.25 a foot it looks well made, but doesn't cut it for external use unless you can hide it somehow.  Kimber is also revamping their power cable line, introducing the PK-14B+C ($230/$130) and the PK-10B+C (SU$260/$160).  The B models have audiophile grade Wattagate connectors, while the C models have standard connectors.  The PK-10B is pictured below.

Integra Research - a new company with familiar names involved

Integra Research is a new brand name to the US market, but the companies involved in creating the product line are well familiar to consumers.  Onkyo is the parent company, but Balanced Audio Technology was brought in to assist in the design of the power amplifier for the product line, and Apogee Digital was brought in to assist with the digital aspects of the DVD player and Preamp/Processor.  

Integra Research was demonstrating with M&K speakers and subwoofers for movie clips, and some prototype Onkyo speakers for music samples on DVD-Audio.  The current line includes three products, a 7 channel power amplifier, the RDA-7 (US$5,000), a preamplifier/processor, the RDC-7 (US$4,000), and a progressive scan, DVD-Video and DVD Audio player, the RDP-7 (US$3,000).  This product is targeted for US High End retailers.  The Onkyo speakers were not to my tastes, but the multi-channel DVD-Audio material itself was very promising.

Features on all the products are numerous, with the Preamp/Processor including full analog bypass for analog sources, a phono stage, 24bit/192kHz DACs for all 8 channels, and balanced outputs for all 8 channels. It can switch component video, and has the option of adding Firewire inputs to accommodate future digital connection possibilities.

The RDP-7 DVD Player also contains 24bit/192KHz DACs, has progressive scan output, multi-channel DVD-Audio capability, and two additional digital inputs to act as a high quality DAC, assuming you aren't using the RDC-7 as your preamp.  

Both digital products feature Apogee Digital's ultralow jitter clock circuitry.

The RDA-7 is a 7 channel amplifier, with rated output of 150 watts per channel driving 8 ohm loads, and 180 watts per channel driving 4 ohm loads.

More coverage to follow.


- Stacey Spears and John Kotches -


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