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B&K Components

B&K continues to revamp their existing line and has introduced two new products, along with updates to several others.  The new Reference 30 preamp/processor is their latest (and best) endeavor to date.  This piece has analog bypass, a digitally managed analog volume control, component video switching, 7.1 outputs, second zone operation, and many other features.  Silver faceplates are now available, along with black and gold.  Here's a picture of the Ref 30 in silver, sitting on top of another Ref 30 so that both the front and back panels can be seen.  Retail price on this preamp/processor is US$2,798.


The entire amplifier line is moving over to the Series 3, this includes the Reference 7250 (US$2498), which gets an optional silver faceplate as part of the Series 3 upgrade.   We've got a picture of this amplifier below with gold faceplate option.  It outputs 200wpc into 8 ohms and 375 watts into 4 ohms.   

B&K also introduced the AVR-307 seven channel receiver.  As with all their other components, the 307 has a very solid build quality, and is supposed to be upgradeable as newer technologies emerge.   Power output is a substantial 150wpc into all channels at 8 ohms and 185wpc into 4 ohms.  As with the Reference 30, the Motorola 56362 DSP is utilized.  While this receiver is a bit expensive at US$3,498, remember that you're getting the equivalent of a preamp/processor and a 7 channel amplifier in one 55 pound package.  If you buy on, make sure your shelf can handle it's 7" height.

With all the digital gear floating around, I had to sneak this one in for vinyl fans.  B&K was showing their Phono 10 MM/MC phono preamp.  This is available for US$498.  For the vinyl aficionado who has a preamp/processor without analog bypass, they have an add-on analog-digital converter -- which raises the price to US$698.  All B&K products mentioned are currently available.

James Loudspeakers

We've all seen the glossy pictures in the various audio and home theater magazines.  If you get a chance to see these in person, they're worth the look.  While you're there, give them a listen.  I heard a brief demonstration of a home theater using their speakers with a promising sound, given the poor conditions.  The system consisted of the Model 10 three way towers (US$3,495), the Model 10 Subwoofer ($2,795) and the Model 8.2 Surrounds ($2,295), and the Model 8.2 Center ($2,095).  All of these are available as custom in wall speakers as well as the freestanding units that were demonstrated.  Due to the poor lighting conditions, we were only able to get a usable picture of the center channel and the subwoofer in action, shown below.



Cinepro readies Series 3 editions of amplifier line

Cinepro was displaying production proofs of their Series 3 amplifiers, the 3K6iii and the 3K6iiise.  Both are capable of massive power outputs.  The 2K5 will be updated and upgraded to the 2K6iii -- with control for the 6th channel that had always been included.  Pricing has not been finalized but will be higher than the existing Series II line.  Below is a picture of the Cinepro Series 3 model 3K6se, with a Series 2 faceplate.  Expect to hear more about these amplifiers as the release date draws closer.

Classé displays their first DVD player

High-end manufacturer Classé Audio had static displays of much of their product line.  Noteworthy displayed items were the SSP-75 preamp/processor (US$7,000) and the DVP-1 DVD player (US$3,000).  Both of those were finished in silver with black over the LCD displays.  This was a static display (not connected to power), so we can only comment on appearance for the time being.   Shown below is their DVD-1 player.



-  Stacey Spears and John Kotches -

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