Show Report

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest - 2006

Held at the Denver Marriott Technical Center, Denver, Colorado, October 20-22, 2006

John E. Johnson, Jr. and Susan E. Johnson



This is the third year for the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest (RMAF).

It was held in the same place, the Denver Marriott Technical Center, which is part of a complex about midway between the Denver airport and the city of Denver, Colorado.

The Marriott is a hotel there, and so far, all 300+ exhibitors can fit in the rooms of the hotel, as well as most of the people who come to see the show. We registered a bit late, so ended up in the Hyatt about a block away.

The RMAF is turning out to be one of the best audio shows in the United States. Right now, it is mostly two-channel audio stuff, but I would bet that, because it is so good, and so well attended, we will see some home theater products, including video equipment, within a year or so.

The main reason it is such a nice show is that it (1) is located in a great metropolitan area, namely Denver, which has beautiful mountains surrounding it; (2) is backed by the Colorado Audio Society which is very active; and (3) is relatively inexpensive to exhibit there, compared to other established shows like CES.

Because it is inexpensive to exhibit, we saw a number of small companies with products I had never seen before, which I will show you in the photos.

One trend we noticed was towards offering speakers in custom finishes to match whatever color you like. One consumer sent the door to his home theater to a company that offers the custom finishes, so that they could match the wood and the color in the speaker enclosures.

The other trend was to offer small bookshelf speakers that are ultra-high quality. This meets the demands of consumers who don't want the speakers to overpower the room with their size, but yet, have very high quality sound.

I took more photos at RMAF than I have ever taken at any show. It was that good.


- John E. Johnson, Jr. and Susan E. Johnson -



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