Show Report

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest - 2006

Held at the Denver Marriott Technical Center, Denver, Colorado, October 20-22, 2006

John E. Johnson, Jr. and Susan E. Johnson


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Mark Schifter, of AV123, introduced the Onix Rocket Strata Mini floor-standing speakers, priced at $1,595/pair. They use planar tweeters and midrange, which gives them incredible transparency. The woofers handle frequencies below 650 Hz.

Finished in a real rosewood veneer, they represent a tremendous value. At this MSRP, I did not hear anything better at the show, and in fact, these sounded better than some speakers costing several times this price.

Just behind the speakers are some new AV123 X-Amp monoblock switching amplifiers (175 watts) which were driving the speakers. They will be priced at $249. They also demonstrated Dodd Audio tube monoblock power amplifiers (seen to the side and in between the speakers) for comparison to the X-Amps.

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