Show Report

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest - 2006

Held at the Denver Marriott Technical Center, Denver, Colorado, October 20-22, 2006

John E. Johnson, Jr. and Susan E. Johnson


Page 5

These are some of the most beautiful speakers I have ever seen.

They are made by WAM Engineering, and are called the Flex, at $39,000 the pair.

Yes, very, very expensive, but look at the finish!

The designer is originally from Europe, moved here, was laid off after the 9/11 disaster in New York, and then decided to go into business for himself, having been an audiophile since childhood. Judging from these speakers, I wish he had been building them all his life.

Instead of MDF, the enclosures are many layers of European Birch.

Notice how the upper midrange driver is facing at a slight downward angle. This means that upper driver is pointing directly at the listener.

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