Show Report

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

Held in Denver, Colorado, September 30 - October 2, 2005

October, 2005

John E. Johnson, Jr. and Cynthia B. Johnson



This is the second year for the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, held in Denver, Colorado.

The venue was the Denver Technical Center, which is a complex of hotels and convention facilities outside Denver. It is not as large as CES or CEDIA, but there were plenty of exhibitors, and I think it will soon be a major player in the Hi-Fi convention arena. Cindy Johnson and I, along with Kris Deering, attended the show.

This show focuses on two-channel audio, rather than home theater. Video products, such as flat panel displays, are not a part of the show.

If we were to state in short what we saw there, it would be that tubes and vinyl are resurging to the audio mainstream.

At least half the amplifiers at the show were tube-based, and many, many rooms had turntables going, along with CD players.

We also noticed that many new speaker designs have what is called a wave guide as part of the way the drivers are mounted in the enclosures. We will describe this in more detail on the photo pages.

A very large number of new speaker designs at the show were seen to have ribbons as tweeters or midrange drivers. I love the sound of ribbons, so I am delighted to find this happening.

Lastly, amplifiers and speakers built in China are a huge part of high-end audio now. Not only are they building their own products, but they are building them for American companies. They seem to be very fine components.

Links to the various products we saw there are shown below. Readers have complained that our show report photos are too small, and there are too many photos on a page, which slows the download. So, we are trying this new method out. You can click on individual pages or click successive links in each page, at your choice. Enjoy!

- John E. Johnson, Jr. and Cynthia B. Johnson -



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