Show Report

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

Held in Denver, Colorado, September 30 - October 2, 2005

October, 2005

John E. Johnson, Jr. and Cynthia B. Johnson


Page 19

The Usher Dancer II 8871 Speaker is shown in the photo below. It uses a beryllium tweeter. Notice the irregular surface of the woofer cones in the second photo. This indicates that the paper material was laid out in a cone shape and allowed to dry naturally, rather than being forced into a cone shape. Sort of like steel that has been poured into a mold to cool rather than hammered into shape. The Dancers are $10,900/pair.

The Consonance Teardrop CD Player, also by Usher, uses tubes for the output stage, and is priced at $3,000.

Usher's R-1.5 Reference Standard Power Amplifier ($2,500) outputs 150 watts x 2 in Class A.

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