Show Report

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

Held in Denver, Colorado, September 30 - October 2, 2005

October, 2005

John E. Johnson, Jr. and Cynthia B. Johnson


Page 17

GINI Systems, which is an American company that distributes products manufactured in Hong Kong, is marketing these tube amplifiers, made by Audio Space.

The first photo below shows two AS-6M-300Bpp power amplifiers ($3,990/pair), with an AS-Pre 2 ($3,390) in the middle. The second photo illustrates the Mini 2004, which outputs 2 x 12 watts. They are very small, and as you can see, come in several colors.

The third photo shows the Orsa speakers, made by JAS, and marketed by GINI Systems in the USA. These are two-way, ported speakers, 8 ohms nominal, 88 dB/w/m sensitivity. Notice the finish. It consists of 15 individual hand rubbed coats of polyurethane. $2,290 the pair.

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