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New York City, May 20-23, 2004

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Faroudja demonstrated their near-HDTV quality upscaling for DVD players. Faroudja projector demos showcased some of the best picture quality at the convention.
Faroudja’s DVP 1510 Digital Video Processor
features an internal DVD drive, an audiophile audio stage, and HDCP compatibility. (MSRP $9,995)
Faroudja’s DVP1010 (MSRP $4,995) is
optimized for digital displays, and can take
any analog source and convert it for DVI
Yamaha displayed its new LPX-510 LCD projector (MSRP $5000), which is equipped with three 0.7" 720p (1280 x 720 pixel) LCD panels and said to have 1000 ANSI lumens brightness.
Audiopax from Brazil demoed their 30-Watt single-ended-design M88 monoblock amplifier ($12,990) driving the Ref100 speaker ($12,990/pair).
MBL showed their distinct-looking and amazing-sounding 101E speakers ($44,900/pair) driven by MBL electronics.
Music Hall displayed its soon-to-be-released Maven Stereo Receiver ($1,495), which boasts excellent features such as two digital inputs with upsampling, five analog inputs, three video inputs, 100 W/channel, and full remote control.
The strange looking Gilmore Audio Model 2 speakers ($19,500/pair) were on display in the Glacier Audio room.
Cyrus Audio displayed a set of hi-fi components in compact and good-looking packages.
This extraordinary looking speaker is the top of the line floorstander from Wilson Benesch, called the Chimera ($20,900/pair).
Sherwood displayed its new R-965 receiver ($1999), which is loaded with features such as 7.1 channels, DPL IIx processing, DTS 96/24, and 7 x 120 W amplifier.
The new 688 remote ($249) was on display at the Harmony booth. This remote control has improved buttons and dedicated functionalities for digital video recorders.
JVC displayed and demoed its new DLA-HD2K projector and processor system ($30,000/system), which is based on its DiLA technology and Faroudja processing.
Tenor Audio demoed its gorgeous-looking 300Hp amplifier ($37,000/pair), which is a monoblock and capable of delivering 300 W.
Epos showcased its 3-way floorstanding speakers (M22, $1,995/pair) and the bookshelf speakers (M12.2, $895/pair), which were driven by Creek electronics.
Lamm introduced its new monaural power amplifier, called the Model ML2.1 ($29,290/pair). It is single-ended tube-based with pure class A operation and rated at 18 W.

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