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New York City, May 20-23, 2004

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At the top is the front side of Outlaw Audio’s Model 1070 (MSRP <$1000) which features 7X65 Watts, Analog and Digital Bass management, and upgradeability through the RS232 port. The rear of the Model 1070 shows it has two DVI Inputs And three Component Video Inputs.
Outlaw Audio showcased their RR2150 which is one of the few stereo receivers that use Analog Bass Management. It features a retro design, 2 x 80 watts, and a 6 dB bass boost for systems that have no subwoofer. MSRP (<$600)
Sharp Electronics displayed their wireless LCD Screen Aquos LC15L1U (MSRP $1600) which has two S-Video and three composite inputs on the receiver pictured on the right. Range is estimated to be approximately 100’.
Devore Fidelity’s Silverback Reference model (MSRP $14,000) is based on their Gibbon line and uses six separately tuned internal chambers to achieve low bass extension.

A view from the top of SimAudio’s Moon W-10 monoblock Amplifier. Stable to 1 ohm, this 700watt amplifier, has a sleek look to it. (MSRP $5500)
KimberKable’s Monocle X and Bifocal X cables feature stranded conductors which are woven around a proprietary core. (MSRP $550/pair, $1100/pair respectively for 6’ lengths.)
McIntosh for the first time displayed their MX135 AV control center which uses the new Texas Instruments “Aureus” DSP. The DSP boasts high performance processing capable of 1200 million floating point  operations per second.
Totem Acoustics Rainmaker speaker has
a lot of punch in a small package at an
affordable price. (MSRP$900)
Yamaha’s impressive RX-Z9 receiver as on display
(MSRP$4495). Features include video upscaling to 1080i, and YPAO which stands for Yamaha Parametric Acoustic Optimizer (note the tiny microphone sitting on the top of the receiver at the left end).
Epiphany Audio’s model 12-12 easily
filled the room with rich detailed sound.
Paradigm’s Signature S8 (MSRP $6,000/pr)
was set up for a demo which was powered by Anthem’s Statement D1 and Anthem amplifiers. The demo was a treat and always crowded.
Paradigm’s Signature C5 (MSRP $2800)
was also displayed. This center channel
speaker features a vertical array for the
tweeters and midbass drivers.

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