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This representative from Sharp kept telling the crowd about how breathtaking 37 inches is (are?)
Atlantic Technology was showing their new THX Ultra2 lineup, sporting a new level of quality in their finish.
Our Brian Florian poses next to the M&K 5100 "Back Fire" subwoofer to give us a sense on the size.
BAT's VK-51se with the top removed, showing the 6H30 tubes and caps.
Prototypes of B&K new high-end line.  These are just shells, but working models should be around for CES 2004.
Speaking of B&K, here is the Reference 507. Basically a Ref 50 and a 7x150 watt amp all in one box.  Nice going guys.
Blue Circle shows off their BC21.1 RF remote controlled preamplifiers.
McIntosh car audio.  Nice install and of course the optional blue VU meters.  Expect to pay an extra few hundred dollars for these. You might ask why the meters are in the trunk where you can't see them. Well, they have an optional panel with more meters, that sits up in the dash.
McIntosh has gone back to a THX-certified processor with their MX 134.
Blue Circle's new remote controlled stereo preamp (BC21.1).  The remote looks just like the remote start for your car, and since it is RF, it will work from your car as well.
Nordost was displaying their in-wall line of cables. 
Blue Circle was providing some humor to the high-end show with their Shoe Monoblocks (25 watts each) and purse preamp.  These are actually production units and available in about 30 colors.
Thiel's new CS 2.4 looks to be a great addition to their lineup. They are $3,700/pair MSRP.
How would you like to have a home theater PC that looks like a toaster?

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