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Top: Bryston's new eight-channel home theater amp with 75x8 or 300x4.  It uses two 4B power supplies, and as you can tell from the bow in the shelf, it is heavier than it looks.

Bottom: Bryston displays their SP1.7 THX Ultra Surround Sound Processor and external Video Switcher

Clarke Synthesis was showing their newest tactile tranducers (floor and chair shakers).
Our own Colin Miller plays with the Denon 5803 connected to a Crestron control system.
Dish Network's new HD PVR receiver supporting three tuners (two dish and one external).
Sandy Bird takes in a demo of the Dolby Car, hosting a Dolby Pro Logic II system.
We thought these tubed active speakers looked interesting, and came to find out they are actually computer speakers.
Remember Fosgate's original THX processor?  Well this isn't THX, but it is a nice looking SSP with a built in display, for less than $3000.
Meridian's new 7000 series.  They are still expensive, but maybe a little closer to a price most of us can afford.

Top: Mirage's new Omni lineup.  Mirage claims a very similar dispersion pattern to their OM line, but with use of only a single mid and tweeter.  They look cool too.

Bottom: Mirage's new OM-200 subwoofer.  It performs better than their legendary BPS-400.

Top: M&K is in the in-wall speaker market big time.

Bottom:  A very interesting one piece, five-channel speaker, great for tight monitoring environments or on top of a PC screen.

Meridian had an impressive display showing how extensive the current DVD-A library is.
Flat screens, flat screens, flat screens were everywhere.
Parasound shows off the Halo THX Ultra2 SSP with built-in monitor, and very soon to be a reality for us consumers.
Proton showed this promising-looking 34" 16x9 direct view display.
At the Denon display, it is obvious that cassette tape and vinyl LPs are still in great demand.
THX's display showed a sample of the wide variety of products and manufacturers participating in the program.
THX display. Somebody forgot to set it up full screen though.
The ever popular Victoria's Secret fashion show in HD.


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