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CEDIA - 2007

Denver, Colorado - September 5-9, 2007



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Motorcycles have audio systems too.


Lexicon's new MV-5 SSP is priced at $2999. Available soon.


Lexicon also showed the RV-5, which is the successor to the RV-4 receiver. $3999.


Terra demonstrated that all-weather speaker design means exactly what it says. This working woofer was sitting in a pool of water.


Earthquake has this new subwoofer that is shaped for placement near a corner of
your room. There is one active driver and two passive radiators. The amplifier has DSP with 56 bands of EQ.


CAT (California Audio Technologies) displayed several power amplifiers including this 250.7 which has seven channels (closeup in the second photo shows several tiers of amplifier circuit boards). $7950.


These REL subwoofers have a very attractive pattern on the oak, cherry, or rosewood veneers.


Paradigm always has a big display of many different models of speakers and in-wall designs.


Paradigm has recently added beryllium tweeters to their top speakers, such as on this C5v2 center channel model.


Entrance hall to CEDIA.

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