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CEDIA - 2007

Denver, Colorado - September 5-9, 2007



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The new Infinity Classia line will be available in Q1, 2008. This 3-way design will retail for around $1800/pair. They promise fabulous sound at a reasonable price for a 3-way floor-standing loudspeaker.


The JBL 1000 Array ($12,000/pair) uses the same horn loaded tweeter and super-tweeter technology tricked down from the statement Project Everest speaker. The build quality was extremely good, with a mirror like piano black cabinet finish.


Totem's two way speakers have always delivered stupendous performance in small packages. The $3500 Forest will easily fit in the smallest rooms, but offers first rate sound and build quality. Unlike many high end manufacturers, their statement Wind ($8500) will easily fit in a modest room.


Lyngdorf gets my bid for the most jaw dropping audio demo at the show. Their TDAI integrated amplifier uses patented digital amplifier technology and room correction technology to make even the CEDIA sound demo rooms sound spectacularly good. The system as demonstrated with loudspeakers retails for $18,500. The TDAI-2200 integrated with analog inputs retails for $6300. Lyngdorf, from Denmark, is exclusively represented in the US by Triad. The millenium system is a separate room correction digital preamp and digital amplifier. This ultra high end solution starts at $15k and goes up depending on options.


Terrestrial Digital displayed a whole line of antennas optimized for the post 2009 DTV frequency bands. These antennas, designed and computationally modeled by a Ph.D. electrical engineer, are the real deal. Unlike a lot of the snakeoil antennas you'll find down at the big box store, these antennas offer scientifically proven performance with small size and a pleasing design. The Clearstream Tuner integrates an antenna with an ATSC tuner in a single box to allow owners of older TVs to easily upgrade when the 2009 analog shutdown comes.

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