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CEDIA 2006

Held in Denver, Colorado, September 14-17, 2006



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Marantz has chosen to enhance their product lines to help with custom installers. All their new receivers are less than 16" deep, allowing for easier installation in racks. These include the SR8001 ($1,999.99), SR7001 ($1,399.99), SR5001 ($749.99), and SR4001 ($549.99).

They also demonstrated their innovative DAvED system (Model ZR6001SP), a multi-room audio delivery solution comprised of the ZR6001 Audio/Video receiver and the ZC4001 Client. All new receivers feature HDMI switching, as well as HDMI input/output connectivity. All receivers with the exception of the SR4001 also feature RS-232 ports. In addition, all feature HD component video switching, component or S-Video up-conversion, 32-bit DSP processing, and 192kHz/24-bit digital/audio converters for all channels.

The Marantz VP11S1 1080p front projector was all the talk at CEDIA. While the price might seem a little high ($18K-$22K depending on the lens configuration), the picture quality in the demos at the Marantz booth and HD DVD tent was spectacular. A photo of the lens is shown here.

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