Show Report

CEDIA 2006

Held in Denver, Colorado, September 14-17, 2006




CEDIA 2006!

CEDIA stands for Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association, so this show focuses on the needs of custom installers.

Custom install is a very hot division of home theater these days, maybe even the hottest. So, as you might expect, CEDIA is a highly attended event. Our staff had to stay several miles from the Denver Convention Center, and we were lucky to get those rooms at all!

Exciting new items at CEDIA 2006 included 1080p projectors, High Definition DVD players, in-wall speakers, and amplifiers.

The show report is written such that each page illustrates a specific product or room, and then you click at the bottom to get to the next page. You can also click on the specific page number in the table shown below to get to a certain page.

The report is assembled as we format and upload the photos, rather than on a day by day basis. More photos will be published for several days during and after the show, so come back to see what has been added.

- Staff -



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