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CES 2004


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AV123 demoed its prototype Emotiva Pre/Pro ($2999) and 7x200W amplifier ($1999), which will be available soon


Fosgate Audionics had some impressive multi-channel music playing through its analog (tube) surround processor, the FAP-V1 ($13,000). This unit only plays DPL-II. No DD or DTS, so it is for two-channel stereo signals.


The new Reference 3 speaker system ($2600/pair) was on display in the Anthony Gallo Acoustics room


Hsu Research brought their new VTF series subwoofers (VTF-2 and VTF-3) in cool glossy black piano finish and blue-lit logo


These five small drivers in one unit and small subwoofer are part of the new prototype of near-field surround sound system from Niro, called the Movie Mouse. This interesting system should be available in a few months


Pioneer had a Blu-Ray DVD recorder (High Definition DVD) on display, but with no estimate of price or shipping date.


Sharp Electronics had a wide range of LCD and Plasma screens on display, including a new wireless model that allows you to watch TV anywhere in the house via WiFi.   Another model takes PC cards and is designed to serve as both a communication and entertainment center in your home.


Vidikron showed a 720p DLP-based projector, along with a stacked high-brightness (4000 ANSI Lumens) Vision Model 100 LCD projector and a Vision Model 60 D-ILA unit.


Yamaha was demonstrating a new HD2+ DLP-based DPX-1100 and the LCD-based LPX-510 that featured an improved contrast ratio.  Both Yamaha projectors had HDMI inputs.  The image on the 1100, in particular, looked very good.


InFocus was showing a wide variety of projectors, including an extremely small DLP-based unit.   The  new X2 replaces the very popular X1 but with an increase in the brightness spec to 1500 ANSI Lumens.  They also displayed the 7205, an HD2+ DLP-based projector, with a very bright image that held up well in the presence of considerable ambient light.  

DLP-based rear projectors are getting thinner and thinner as can be seen with the 61 inch InFocus unit that is only 7 inches thick.


Toshiba brought their TDPMT-800, featuring an HD2+ DLP chip and exceptionally high brightness with 1100 ANSI lumens.


Sony was showing off their Qualia 004 three-chip (LCD) 1080 HD SXRD projector in their main exhibit area and in a large screening room.

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