Measurements of the C3 impedance show that it has a low of 4 Ohms at 200 Hz, and a high of about 20 Ohms at 75 Hz and 2.6 kHz. The tuning frequency is at 40 Hz. where the impedance dip is located. The peak between 2 and 3 kHz is due to the crossover network. Electrical phase shows that it is mostly capacitive below 200 Hz, and mostly inductive above 200 Hz. The electrical phase is computed against a defined phase of 00 for resistive impedance (the horizontal line in the middle of the graph, marked as "0" in the right hand column). So, for example, at 1 kHz, the phase is about + 370 with respect to the resistive impedance phase. Negative phase is capacitive, and positive phase is inductive. The small notches in the phase curve are probably due to resonances.


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