Day 0 - Thursday, September 6, 2001

Stacey Spears and John Kotches are attending CEDIA 2001 and reporting on their adventures photographically and textually on these pages. In an effort to get the maximum number of photos in, captions will be short.

CEDIA began on Wednesday September 5th, with the day devoted to education of CEDIA members. Time didn't permit us to attend courses this year. Thursday is a bunch of press conferences, which we are covering in this report.

Friday the 7th through Sunday the 9th are the dates the show floor are open, and this is where the "big coverage" will come from.

Here's what Stacey and John saw on Day 0

A spectacular multi-channel demonstration came from the combined efforts of Halcro (amplifiers), Nearfield Acoustics (speakers), Philips (multi-channel SACD), and a video subsystem that was top notch, featuring a modified Vidikron Vision One and a Terranex Xantus video processor.

Sony had their usual Thursday evening press conference introducing a slew of new products, including a 60" LCD projection television, an entry level LCD projector and some "lifestyle" products.

Zenith held a press conference announcing their 61" Plasma screen, but a unit was not on display for photography.

This is a Halcro DM-58 amplifier. There were several of these monoblocks, and several of the DM-68 stereo amplifiers as well. These amplifiers boast exceptionally low distortion (1 part in a million). Other efforts for amplifiers from Halcro are under way.

Nearfield Acoustics Pipedreams speakers, in burled walnut finish sounded magnificent. These are the Soundstage 924s with an array of 9 midrange drivers and 24 tweeters in a line array.

Terranex displayed their Xantus video processing unit, utilizing technology originally used in military applications. Not for the light of pocket, but the capabilities of this processor are nothing short of stunning.

Sony's entry level LCD projector, the VPL-HS1. It offers 800x600 resolution, and a low price (for Front Projectors) of $2999. Sony also formally announced the VPL-VW11HT LCD projector with 16:9 panels (replaces the VW10HT) for $8000.

Sony's Style Cube (also available in black) is a modern-looking DVD player for tight spaces. It's intended mainly for use in 2nd systems or other environments.

Sony's Dream System. This all in one piece is a DVD player, Multi-Channel SACD and all the other accoutrements to round out a $1000 "Home Theater in a Box". It features 450 watts of Digital Amplification for each of the 5 channels and the subwoofer.

Shown here is a stack of Sovereign Componets from Kenwood. On top is the Sovereign 5900 DVD player, which is a 400 disc DVD-A / Progressive DVD-V player featuring the Faroudja de-interlacing solution and analog bass management for DVD-A.

In the center is the Entre` convergence piece. Included in this piece are CD and a 20GB hard disk. This can rip MP3s to the hard disk, and use either a dialup Internet connection or Home Power Network (HPN) to contact the CDDB or DVD database to get title information for an attached 400 disc changer. Many more capabilities exist for this player.

Completing the rack is the Sovereign Receiver.

Together the Entre acts as the control center for all 3 components.

Pictured above is Sony's LCD Rear Projection Television, the KF-60DX100. This 60" LCD TV utilizes the same 16:9 LCD panels as the VPL-VW11HT.


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