DVD Benchmark

Chroma Upsampling Error (CUE)

Player List

December, 2002


These Players Have the Correct 3-2 Chroma Upsampling and Don't Have the Chroma Bug (CUE):

Manufacturer Model MPEG Decoder
Apex AD800 Mediamatics
Camelot Roundtable MEI
CyberHome CH-DVD 500 Cirrus Logic
Denon DVD-1600 MEI
Denon DVD-3800 ESS
Denon DVD-9000 ESS
EAD TheaterVision P MEI
Harman Kardon DVD 50 Mediamatics
Intervideo WinDVD 2.55 Intervideo (Software)
JVC XV-723GD Mediamatics
JVC XV-S60 Mediamatics
Kenwood DV-5700 MEI
Kenwood DV-5900 MEI
Krell DVD Standard LSI
Malata DVD-N996 Mediamatics
McIntosh MVP841 MEI
nVidia nDVD 2.22 nVidia (Software)
Panasonic DVD-A110 MEI
Panasonic DVD-A120 MEI
Panasonic DVD-CP67 MEI
Panasonic DVD-CP72 MEI
Panasonic DVD-CV32 MEI
Panasonic DVD-CV52 MEI
Panasonic DVD-H1000 MEI
Panasonic DVD-H2000 MEI
Panasonic DVD-RP56 MEI
Panasonic DVD-RP62 MEI
Panasonic DVD-RP82 MEI
Panasonic DVD-RP91 MEI
Panasonic DVD-RV22 MEI
Panasonic DVD-RV32 MEI
Panasonic DVD-RV80 MEI
Panasonic DVD-XP30 MEI
Panasonic DVD-XP50 MEI
Philips DVD-Q50 ST
Proceed PMDT LSI
Samsung P721 LSI
Samsung DVD-HD1000 LSI
Sony CAV-C770 LSI
Sony DVPS7000 LSI
TAG McLaren Audio DVD32FLR Mediamatics
TAG McLaren Audio DVD32R Mediamatics
Yamaha DVD-CX1 MEI
Yamaha DVD-S2300 MEI

These Players Have an Incorrect 3-2 Chroma Upsampling and Have the Chroma Bug (CUE):

Manufacturer Model MPEG Decoder
Apex A600 ESS
Arcam DV88 Zoran
Arcam FMJ DV27 Zoran
Cyberlink PowerDVD 3.0 Cyberlink (Software)
Denon DVD-900 Unknown
Denon DVD-2800 ESS
Denon DVD-2800 MK II ESS
Linn Classik Movie System ESS
Marantz DV-8300 Mitsubishi
Meridian 596 C-Cube
Meridian 598 C-Cube
Meridian 800 C-Cube
Microsoft XBox Ravisent
Mitsubishi DD-6000 Zoran
Onkyo DV-SP800 Mitsubishi
Pioneer DV-434 Fujitsu
Pioneer DVL-909 Fujitsu
Pioneer Elite AX10 Mitsubishi
Pioneer Elite DV-05 Fujitsu
Pioneer Elite DV-09 Fujitsu
Pioneer Elite DV-37 Mitsubishi
Pioneer Elite DV-38A Mitsubishi
Pioneer Elite DV-45A Mitsubishi
Pioneer Elite DV-47A Mitsubishi
Pioneer Elite DV-47Ai Mitsubishi
Skyworth DVD-1050P Zoran
Sony DVPNS-999ES Unknown
Sony DVP-S360 LSI
Sony DVP-S7700 LSI
Sony DVP-S9000ES LSI
Sony NS700P Unknown
Sony NS715P Unknown
Theta Voyager Fujitsu
Toshiba SD-1600 Zoran
Toshiba SD-1800 Zoran
Toshiba SD-2800 Zoran
Toshiba SD-2805 Zoran
Toshiba SD-2815 Zoran
Toshiba SD-3800 Zoran
Toshiba SD-3805 Zoran
Toshiba SD-3815 Zoran
Toshiba SD-4800 Zoran
Toshiba SD-5109 Zoran
Toshiba SD-5700 Zoran
Toshiba SD-6200 Zoran
Toshiba SD-9100 Zoran
Toshiba SD-9200 Zoran


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Part 3 - Functionality Part 4 - Usability
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