Product Review - A Summary of AC Line Conditioners that Secrets has Tested - June, 2001



Now that we have tested a number of High-Performance AC Line Conditioners, we present here a summary table of their features and capabilities:

Brand and Model Furman IT Equi=Tech 1.5R Equi=Tech 2Q Exact Power 2000 PS Audio P300
Power Output - Watts 1,200 Continuous 1,500 Continuous 2,000 Continuous 2,000 Continuous 300 Continuous
Balanced Output Yes Yes Yes No Within 1 Volt
Isolated Output Ground Yes Yes Yes No No
MSRP USA $3,000 $1,189 $2,500 $2,495 $995


Brand and Model PS Audio P600 PS Audio P1200 Richard Gray 400S Tice Audio IIIA  
Power Output - Watts 600 Continuous 1,200 Continuous 1,500 Continuous 1,875 Continuous  
Balanced Output Within 1 Volt Within 1 Volt No No  
Isolated Output Ground No No No Digital Sockets Only  
      Review Coming Soon    
MSRP USA $1,995 $3,995 $750 $1,599 (Model IIIC)  


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