DVD Benchmark - Product Review - Sony DVP-S7700 DVD Player - November, 2000




Sony is probably the biggest consumer electronic company on the planet.  Overall we found their DVD players to be well rounded.

Anyway, here are our test results:


The overall video quality of this DVD player is good.  In terms of video quality, Sony took a step backwards from the DVP-S7000, which we believe is superior.

The CAV outputs are properly labeled Y'Pb'Pr'.  They are also dual labeled with B-Y and R-Y.  They use the inferior RCA connectors.

Black and White Levels

Format Black White Comments
CAV 7.5 99.3 Black is dead on and white is only a hair below.
YC 6.9 99.3 Black is slightly lower than the CAV output, but still close.  White is identical.

Color Bars


The Y portion of the CAV output is just slightly lower than SMPTE and EIA 770.1.

The Pb portion of the CAV outputs match MII levels.  The Pr portion of the CAV outputs match MII levels.

Component Analog Video Data



The Y portion of the YC output is very close to SMPTE 170M.  It is up a little higher at Magenta.

The Chroma level out of the YC output is a little high.  The Chroma phase is perfect.

Composite/YC Data


Video Frequency Response

The YC and CAV outputs do not match each other.  They follow similarly traits, but there is a difference between them.  The YC output is actually better at 5 MHz than the CAV.  The YC output will appear sharper because of its peaked frequency response from 2 MHz and beyond.

There is more ringing on the Avia sharpness pattern with this player than with the Sony S-7000.  It's not as bad as the Pioneers and Toshibas though.

Video Frequency Response


Pixel Cropping

Location Pixels Comments
Top 0 Excellent
Bottom 0 Excellent
Left 5 Good
Right 8 OK

Signal-To-Noise Ratio

Format Output SNR (dB) Comments
CAV Y -56.2 OK - The Y SNR is low on the CAV outputs, but the two color channels are good.
CAV Pb -71.3 Very Good
CAV Pr -70.0 Very Good
YC C-AM -66.0 Very Good - This is where most players fall.
YC C-PM -65.1 Very Good

Component Channel Timing

Channel Timing (ns) Comments
'Pb' to Y 30.8 OK - There is smearing on color fringing that is evident.  This is a big step backwards compared to the DVP-S7000.
'Pr' to Y 27.2 OK
'Pb' to 'Pr' 3.6 Good


Audio Frequency Response

The audio frequency response of the DVP-S7700 was excellent, with one of the flattest responses of the bunch.  The high frequency curve did result in slightly lower output at 20 kHz than some other models, but also maintained a flat response higher than any other, without any premature dips or peaks.  Of course, if it were ideal, there would be no deviation at all, but given the limitations of 44.1 kHz sampling rates, this is truly top-notch.

Audio Frequency Response


Harmonic Distortion + Noise FFT

The distortion spectrum of the DVP-S7700 was really quite nice.  Not quite like the Meridian 800, but not too far off either.  There was a little energy at 12 kHz that looks like it might be a harmonic peaking above the noise floor, but at 115 dB, which most would consider negligible.  The highest harmonic, at 3 kHz (the 3rd) was at 98 dB, followed by the 2nd, 4th, and 5th. Higher order distortion, on the whole, was minimal.

Distortion Spectrum


Wide-Band noise spectrum FFT (Wall AC)

The noise spectrum was reasonably good.  There was a peak at 50 kHz, at -98 dB, which was probably a main contributor to throwing off the dynamic range measurement (see below), and the 60 Hz power line frequency component was at 106 dB, with what looked like harmonic components at 120 Hz and 240 Hz.

Noise Floor (Wall)


Wide-Band noise spectrum FFT (Lab grade AC)

The use of a regenerated AC supply resulted in pretty similar results except in the lowering of the 60 Hz component in the noise floor.

Noise Floor (Lab)


Low-Level DAC Linearity

Low-Level DAC linearity from the S7700 was absolutely superb, and stayed within 1 dB of ideal down to 107 dB, without any suspicious dips or curves along the way.

DAC Linearity


Dynamic Range

The dynamic range was 93.6 dB.  We think that the actual performance as it relates to listening material is slightly better, and that the reading was thrown a bit by the peak in the noise floor at 50 kHz.

Inter-Modulation Distortion

IM tested out at -114.5 dB.  Looks just fine.


Note: A green check in the boxes below means that feature worked OK. A red X means it is unsatisfactory.


Test Results Comments

Slide Show


Video Essentials

Test Results Comments

Stress Test



Subpicture Palette (DCS)

Test Results Comments




Default Palette Color Index

Test Results Comments




Custom Palette Color Index

Test Results Comments





Test Results Comments
Seamless Branching

This player is below average; it takes 3 clock sweeps to branch.
Multiple Angles

This player is slow at changing angles; it takes between 2.5 and 3 seconds.


Test Results Comments



Field/Frame Freeze

Test Results Comments



16x9 Menu

Test Results Comments




Test Results Comments



Layer Break

This player takes about 1 second to change layers.

Test (DVD) Results Comments
"Cruel Intentions"


"Friend" VCD  
"Saving Private Ryan" (DTS)  
"The Abyss"  
Chesky Super Audio 96/24 No 96/24 digital out

Physical Response

This player is on the faster end of the scale.  We gave it a 7 in overall response.

Test Results Comments



Error Correction/Concealment

Pierre Vareny

Its CD error correction falls in the upper middle.  It is able to read up to and including chapter 33, which represents a 1.50mm gap.

Scratch the Dog

Its DVD error correction does not appear to be as good as its predecessor (the 7000).  The player only shows the FBI warning and the New Line logo.  It never makes it to the menu.


We did not conduct a usability study on this DVD player.

- Staff -

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