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Jazz CDs - Part 5 - November, 1997





Barbara Dennerlein "Junkanoo"

Barbara Dennerlein

Verve; 314 537 122-2

Performance: ****
Audio:           ***

For those of you who don't know, a Hammond B3 is an organ. We had one when I played in a band in college many years ago. These organs are still a prized item, and Barbara Dennerlein can make it sing. Junkanoo is a night of celebration in the Bahamas, a celebration for the descendents of slaves carried away to the West Indies hundreds of years ago. The funky beat carries the night, but the Hammond organ, courtesy of Barb's deft fingers, carries the album to soaring heights. Although she's the star, everyone gets a chance to shine, especially the percussionists. And, you might be surprised at how great a tuba solo is. Like a novel you can't put down, this CD will stay in the player until sundown.



Richard Elliot "Jumpin Off"

Richard Elliot

Metro Blues; 7243 8 38251 2 7; 44:14

Performance: ***
Audio:           *****

If you take one step beyond elevator music, that would be this album. It's the kind of thing you could slide in the CD drawer, read the newspaper, and forget that music is playing. Sort of like Kenny G with a beat. Of course, that is only my opinion, as Elliot obviously has some fans. But, I think his talent is wasted playing this kind of stuff. Kenny G too for that matter. So, if you like Kenny, you would like Elliot. Otherwise, adios. Boring (but beautifully recorded).



Candy Dulfer "For the Love of You"

Candy Dulfer

BMG-N2K; N2K-10014

Performance: ***
Audio:             ****

Candy Dulfer plays the sax. The problem is, at least for this album, she doesn't play it enough. Her picture is on the cover, and on the back, and inside the album notes, not the rest of the band. Yet, if you listened without ever looking at the CD cover, you probably wouldn't know this is her album. Too much singing, too much rap. Too bad, 'cause she's a fine musician. Time poorly spent . . . again. Hope one of you enjoys the review copy.



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