Product Review

Atlantic Technology 8200e 5.1 Speaker System

Part II

December, 2007

Gabriel Lowe


On the Bench

Here are Impedance - Phase plots for each speaker. The Phase stays within +400 and -600 for all of them. The Impedance could be classified as 6 ohms nominal. Switching between bipolar and dipolar for the surround speakers changed their plots only a very small amount.


This is the kind of performance I had hoped to hear from the Atlantics, and they certainly delivered in spades. Together, these six speakers time and time again transformed my room into another place, transporting me to another world with their capabilities. The best teams are made up of members who all know their roles, and contribute in their own way to make the group more than the sum of its parts. This statement applies perfectly to the 8200e system. It is only through their collaboration that you get such a wonderful 360 degree field of sound that will keep you happy every time you sit down to enjoy a movie or an album.

- Gabriel Lowe -

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