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CEDIA - 2007

Denver, Colorado - September 5-9, 2007



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Artison gets into "SoundBar" for flat panel displays with a 3-channel $1,200.00 MSRP slim design. Designed with a combination of 5-1" Super audio Tweeters and 6-3" Kevlar midranges.

Atlantic Technology among other things showed their THX Ultra 2 8200e floor-standing speakers. Part of their large home theater package, the 8200e is an improved version of the 8200 line. A 2 subwoofer package including L/C/R and dipole surrounds will set you back $10,000.00.

Don't tell me vinyl hasn't not only maintained a following but a resurgence. Even at CEDIA custom installers are encouraged to include a turntable with their packages. The Reference Acutus from AVID belt drive unit is a gorgeous out-in-the-open piece. Belt driven, the unit has a separate power supply improving base and treble. The Acutus with power supply will set you back $26,000.00 and change. More affordable units derived by the design of the Acutus, the Volvere III is modestly priced at about $5,000.00.

Renowned Canton revises the Karat line with an extraordinarily finished package available in liquid white or black.

A pretty little integrated amp from Decco in wood about $1,000.00 when it comes out later this year. Look closely to see the exposed glowing tube.

Audio enthusiast and really nice guy Sandy Gross delivers from Definitive Technology, the elegant granite based Mythos SE SuperTower™ at $1,800.00 each and you get a lot for your money. A 300 watt built in subwoofer drives the racetrack style driver complimented by "high definition" midrange drivers and a new voice coil tweeter. They sounded wonderful so thanks in advance Paul DiComo, DT's new ace V.P. and Marketing Manager for sending me a pair for review, wink..wink..!

For the custom installer Definitive Technology showed and demonstrated the in-ceiling Reference RCS III at about $500.00 each and will be available in early 2008. Not shown is the accompanying bi-polar surround in-wall unit RSS III at $400.00 each. Partner the package up with a Reference IWSub in-wall subwoofer or two, and you're away!

Infinity also offered their version of the popular in-ceiling speaker with the ERS 610 at $599.00. Note the squarish woofer driver which operates as a diaphragm which Infinity refers to as "Maximum Radiating Surface™ (MRS™) flat-panel driver technology" said to improve clarity.

KEF presence is shown with a number of new products from this iconic British speaker manufacturer. The kit 540 system includes a remote controlled DVD player, a 5.1 speaker package featuring Uni-Q drivers. The system allows multiple inputs from cable and TV to iPod. The system costs $2,800.00 yet there is more! Kick in another $600.00 and go wireless for the surrounds with the KEF 2.4 GHz wireless system which can be applied to any speaker. A transmitter and two receivers make up the system.

The very handsome new XQ line from KEF featured in 3 wood finishes, birds-eye maple, mahogany and piano black blew me away in craftsmanship and design. Price between the iQ and the Reference lines, the XQ has 5 models priced from $700.00 to $1,700.00 each. Built upon the Uni-Q driver technology array of precise imaging with aligned tweeter and midrange driver, the package is just gorgeous.

KEF representatives showed me the new Reference 208/209 subwoofers. Designed to compliment their incredible Reference line (still made in England), the 209 sports a huge 18" cone and is powered by a 1000 watt amplifier with built-in digital signal processing. A microphone measures the room acoustics based on the placement and compensates for volume, phase, polarity and crossover parameters, all adjustable by remote control. The 208 has 500 watts and a 12" cone. This is a huge subwoofer weighing 114 pounds and responds down to 15 Hz (+/- 3 db off axis) so don't be frightened by the $9,000.00/$5,000.00 MSRP price tags.

Highly anticipated and well worth the wait, the Thiel CS3.7 is finally here and available. Jim Thiel designed the floor speaker with a formed aluminum top and curved wood-laminated side panels, none parallel. The 3-way design includes a high-output 1" tweeter and 10" woofer and impressively a 5" ribbed midrange diaphragm that is meant to "eliminate audible resonances". At $9,900.00 per pair, this 90dB sensitive speaker should be easy to drive. Needless to say it sounded great!

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