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CEDIA - 2007

Denver, Colorado - September 5-9, 2007



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Modular solution for front wall installation. $25,000 for a complete system.


Integra DHS 8.8 HD DVD player, HQV Reon video processing, HDMI 1.3a, MSRP $1099.


The Canton Chrono line is the new high-value/high-performance speaker range. Uses the company's ADT-25 aluminum dome tweeter. Between $4500-$5000 for a 5.1 system.

Popular for surround sound applications.


The Canton DSS-303 is a new iPod dock, based on Canton's exsisting midrange speakers. The MSRP is $499.


Ambienti Series in-wall and in-ceiling loudspeakers, using Vectran liquid crystal
polymer drivers. 2 way speakers with 6.5"' to 8" woofers.

Mirage Prestige 8" and 10" subwoofers, at $499 and $699. These subs use BASH amplifiers (200W or 300W of continuous power).


Energy ESW-8 and ESW-10 subwoofers are Energy's entry level bass reflex subwoofers, with 200W and 400W amps, respectively. Priced at $219 and $329.*

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