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CEDIA - 2007

Denver, Colorado - September 5-9, 2007



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NAD T 785 AV Receiver ($2,999) and NAD T 175 AV Tuner Preamplifier.

NAD seems to have caught up nicely on the processors and receiver front. These new units have HDMI v1.3 supporting 1080p, an optional I-pod dock and even XM Radio. Both have Audissey Audio Setup and Calibration making it easier for the end user to get them setup properly in their room and Burr-Brown DACs for the audio nuts in our readership. Of course you get multi-zones and a large number of inputs and outputs for both audio and video.


Moneual brings a new stylish media center PC to market. The design incorporates a 7" touch screen a top load DVD player, card slot reader and HDMI out. It also comes with a wireless keyboard and remote. The package should ship in a month or so for $1995 and is one of the more unique media center PCs we have seen at the show. Moneual also sells several other form factors of media center PCs that will integrate better with a classic theater design. They also claim they will have a universal HDDVD and Blu-ray media center in their stylish form factor in the future but the release date of that is unknown.


ACE Digital Home and Universal Devices

Universal Devices showed off a great little control system. Each Box can control anywhere form 256 to 1024 devices. The boxes are basically network devices that are controlled from within media center or from a java application installed on your desktop PC. However all programming is setup within the box so even if the computer dies all your devices controls and timers still function properly. The box sells for $299 and the Marketing department at Universal Devices claims it is Lifeware for $299? I am sure there are a few other limitations but something an enthusiast could try on a limited budget. It can control anything from Lighting to Sprinkler systems.

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