Show Report

CEDIA - 2007

Denver, Colorado - September 5-9, 2007



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Meridian held a press conference to showcase their F80 table radio ($2995) and their new iRIS iPod dock ($379). The F80, which is cobranded with Ferrari, was easily the best table radio I have ever heard. The iRIS offers video processing to clean up iTunes videos and scaling up to 1080p on either component or HDMI outputs. The iRIS also includes specially designed audio circuits to make the most of the iPod’s audio output.




Panasonic introduced a new version of their 768p 42” plasma, the TH-42PX77U ($1599), and a new 1080p 65” plasma, the TH-65PZ700U ($8999). Panasonic also had two new projectors, the PT-AX200 and the PT-2000U. Prices had yet to be determined on both of these models.



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