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CEDIA - 2007

Denver, Colorado - September 5-9, 2007



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B&K has finally updated their receiver and processor lines to include HDMI switching and HQV video processing. The new models are the AVR707 receiver and the Reference 70 processor.



Bryston was showing off their massive 1000W 28B-SST monoblock ($7500), their well received BCD-1 CD player ($2395) and a prototype of the D-180Z digital zone amplifier ($TBA).



Control4 has updated their home automation controllers. The HC-300 ($599) can handle automating up to a 15,000 square foot home. The larger HC-1000 ($2999) has even more control options and a built in media server.


Sandy Bird (middle) uploaded all the photos to our server at the end of each day.

Dr. Chris Groppi (show below) dazzled the manufacturers with his electrical engineering knowledge (he is an astrophysicist). In fact, one manufacturer of microwave transmission components asked him to review their products because they felt he is the only hifi magazine writer they have ever met who would be truly qualified. This was the first show he has attended.

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