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Home Entertainment - 2007

New York, New York - May 11-13, 2007

Part III

Piero Gabucci


Outlaw Audio is perfectly at "home" during the show as this is their main venue with President Peter Tribeman presiding. One of only a few with a full surround setup, Outlaw had the most pleasant demonstration highlighted by their new Model 7900 seven-channel power amplifier, offering 300 wpc into 8 ohms. Another new product, Outlaw demonstrated the LFM-1 EX subwoofer (third photo below) – frankly a bargain at $649, take a couple.

Accompanying Outlaw was a remarkable THX Ultra 2 certified transparent woven screen (unlike typical perforated screens) from Screen Research. Promoted by St. Johns Group, the image and sound through the screen was, well, transparent!

Outlaw has finally entered the speaker market with the monitor, BLS bookshelf loudspeaker - priced around $1,000 per pair, depending on finish, black or cherry veneer.

I still think the two-channel RR2150 receiver from Outlaw is a bargain at $649.

Ever get on a roller-coaster and get your stomach turned only to want to try it again? Maybe that's not the best analogy, but I had to experience the power and clean dynamics Cinepro was offering in their demo room more than once. I wasn't alone either, for they had the longest lines outside their room by far - only to be served wine and lobster spread crackers for your patience. Cinepro partnered up from VidaBox™, and the room demonstration was played back at reference levels which mean about 85 dB. Although the second time around, Cinepro's animated partner Gus Cossifos couldn't help himself and bumped it up another 5 dB to unbelievably high levels without any signs of distortion.

New York based VidaBox™ showed off their incredible $7,000 server that combines music and movie storage and organization with video and picture playback. Moreover, the unit acts as a DVR and cable receiver and recorder, and the next generation I'm told will be cable-card ready. Frankly, what made this unit unparalleled is that it plays both HD DVD and Blu-Ray as well!

Cinepro had a room with 7500 watts into 12 channels through two of their $7,500 3k6 MK-5 Series amplifiers and $6,500 DTP-8 processor. Surrounding us were Evolution monitors (shown below) that I never thought could handle 1500 watts, and Michael had the three fronts wired for just that, doubling up each 750 watts per channel. Two immense subs in each corner, the $5,000 each 15" Isobaric subwoofers rattled the walls and made my pants flutter with the amount of air moved in the room. The speakers sold me when after all the bang and crash from the movies, they played pop and delicate jazz music that truly were exceptionally detailed and airy.

Cinepro owners Michael Panicci and Constantine "Gus" Cossifos.

Certainly one of the most unusual and interesting products from the show was the Proclaim Audioworks Speakers. Up front I will say this lanky speaker design sounded very good. The DMT-100's flexible arm design allows the midrange and tweeter "orbs" to be positioned exactly in distance and alignment required to allow for room corrections.

The outboard crossover circuitry is housed in a component which allows individual balance and tonal adjustments for each driver. Dan Herrington, partner and designer of the system, decided to begin with a perfect orb or sphere, always said to be the best speaker enclosure. Damping is accomplished with sand lining the interior.

The incredible design of intricate arms and pulleys is a tour-de-force in engineering design, very cool! Shell out $27,000 if you want the entire setup. The package comes already assembled with the custom lined shell, very much how an instrument case provides protection.

Here is the outboard crossover.

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