Product Review

Bolzano Villetri BV HF3003 Campanile Piazzetta Floor-Standing Equipolar Speakers

Part II

August, 2006

John E. Johnson, Jr.


The Sound

I listened to the 3003s using a McCormack Audio transport and DAC, BAT VK-5i preamplifier, and McIntosh MC-1201 power amplifiers. Cables were Nordost. The speakers were placed several feet out from the walls.

This EMI Classics CD (0-94635-09172-4) contains Mozart's Symphony Nos. 29,31,34, 38, and 39.

In Symphony No. 29, the soundstage presented by the BV 3003s was delightful.

The strings were smooth. Very liquid. No harshness.


Beethoven Piano Trios; 14 Variations in E flat (EMI Classics 0-94635-07982-1).

The strings were spread across the stage. with the piano concentrated on the left.

The sound was a bit laid back in the treble (see also On the Bench).

I could hear the transients of the hammers striking the strings.

It does not take much power to drive these speakers. The volume control setting was about 20 to 28 vs. 40 to 50 with many other speakers.


Dvorak Symphony Nos. 7, 8, and 9 (EMI Classics 0-94635-08592-1).

I could place each instrument (Symphony No. 9) grouping across the soundstage. It was amazing to get this effect no matter where I sat in the room. Even standing between them, they sounded good, sort of like having headphones on. Surprising to get such good high frequencies when the tweeters are pointed 900 away from the listener.

Slight emphasis on midrange frequencies. These speakers need careful placement.



Bach, Telemann, Vivaldi Oboe Concertos (EMI Classics 0-94635-09052-9).

Telemann Concerto in D Minor; Oboe, violins, and string bass were all quite distinct. This is tough to do. I could even hear the rosin on the bass while other instruments were playing.

I would like a bit more bass, and this can be corrected by placement closer to room corners.


Copland's Fanfare for the Common Man on Telarc is always a good test.

Here, the 3003s came up a bit short in the bass, as strong < 50 Hz reproduction is necessary.

Solution: the BV Subwoofer.



This is my favorite Mary Chapin Carpenter album, not only because it is great music, but it tests a speaker's capability of reproducing her deep throaty voice.

I thought that because the 3003s are a bit forward in the midrange, perhaps her voice would sound nasal, but it did not happen. The bass rolloff is not steep enough to cause that problem.

The strong point of these speakers is their ability to give a solid stereo effect no matter where I sat. Even when I was directly in front of the left speaker, the right speaker's sound was strong enough to deliver a good soundstage. That is the equipolar design in action.

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