Product Review

Aurum Acoustics Integris CDP CD Player

Part III

April, 2006

Jason Victor Serinus


This is a top-loading player, and is ideally situated on the top shelf of a rack. The heavy aluminum top cover moves back and forth by hand on Teflon sliders. A separate clamp, actually a little weight that sits on the spindle, is placed on the CD once it is placed on the spindle. You cannot keep the clamp inside the player if no CD is present.

Once a CD is loaded and the top closed, the transport initializes the disc, reads its table of contents, and displays the total number of tracks and total time, as well as the volume preset of the preamp.

The unit comes with a very easy to use, quite complete Logitech Harmony 676 remote control. All that's missing is the program feature. I love the fact that when you want to go to a track above "9", let's say "22," you simply depress "2 twice," without needing to first depress another button. Easy.

One can easily set up input name, analog input volume trim level, and volume control bypass for each of the inputs. Preferences can be saved and reset, and factory default settings can be restored.

The Integris CDP chassis is built from precision machined aluminum panels, many up to 3/8" thick. All surfaces are brushed and hard anodized.

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