Product Review

Sanyo PLV-Z4 Three-Panel 16:9 LCD Digital Projector

Part II

February, 2006

John E. Johnson, Jr.


Menu System

The menu system is very extensive with this projector. Pressing "Menu" takes you to the following screen, where you can select among Image, Image Adj., Picture Adj., Screen, Input, Setting, and Information.

In the Image menu, you can select one of several presets, including Natural and Powerful, which are the two presets I used extensively.

You can adjust the various image items, such as brightness, contrast, color, tint, etc., using the Image Adj. menu. Here, also, you can adjust the amount of the individual colors, red, green, and blue. One way of doing this without an instruments, is to put a black & white movie image on the screen, and hit the pause button when there is a scene with faces, as well as light and dark areas. You will be much more sensitive to the image being too blue or too red when viewing the black & white image.

Shown below is Page 2 of the Image Adj. menu, where you can modify the Gamma, then go to the Store menu option, and store your settings in one of the User Image memory banks shown in the top photo.

The Picture Adj. menu lets you adjust the Overscan, in case broadcast codes are visible along the edges of the picture.

In the Screen menu, you set the aspect ratio, or zoom in to fill the screen.

Here is the Input menu.

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