Product Review

Revel Concerta M12 Monitors, C12 Center, S12 Surrounds, and B12 Subwoofer as a Surround Sound Speaker System

Part II

February, 2006

Piero Gabucci


M12 Monitors

The main left and right speakers are the monitor M12s, which have a high-order crossover at 2.5 kHz, a two-way unit that incorporates an oversized ceramic magnet on a large 6 " woofer, and a 1" dome tweeter. Revel mentions a proprietary "Constant Acoustic Impedance" technology for the tweeter, to improve dispersion and reduce distortion. The woofer cone is constructed with an "Organic Ceramic Composite" or OCC.

The tweeter/woofer combination is mounted to a substantial cast metal plate that covers the entire face of the speaker, short of enough space to mount the fabric screen.

On the rear of the M12 you discover the large port is directly behind the upper-placed tweeter and a single pair of gold plated binding posts.

The M12 is an 8 ohm speaker, with a sensitivity of 87 dB, quite typical for a monitor of this design. Constructed of thick MDF, and substantially braced internally, the M12, at 20 pounds, is not a lightweight. Most consumers would probably use the stands designed for the unit and rightfully so. The bottom of the speaker has threaded screw mounts that secure it to its stand.

The M12 has an in-room response from 65 Hz  to 15 kHz (
1.5 dB) with a low frequency extension of -10 dB at 41 Hz, and can handle from 20 - 150 watts.

C12 Center Channel

I happen to share Revel's position about the center channel taking on the critical role in a home theater setup; hence the concept for the C12. It has no less than four drivers, including a pair of those 6-" woofers and a single 1" dome tweeter to match the M12, but also an independently housed 4" midrange driver.

Whereas the M12 was designed to extend down to 40 Hz, the C12 extends to 50 Hz.

The same die-cast face plate that supports the drivers adorning the M12s also covers the entire face of this rather large center channel. In fact, it was considered large enough at Revel that they placed a support leg centered on the rear for further stability if you decide not to mount it on a stand similar to the M12s, which is an option. If you're like me and you place your center speaker directly on the top of your television, then you'll appreciate the adjustable leg for the contours of the television.

The C12 is a 6 ohm loudspeaker, with sensitivity of 90 dB and at almost 21" across, weighs 32 pounds. Like the M12, it also has a single pair of gold speaker binding posts, but it is a sealed enclosure.

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