Secrets Product Review

Onkyo TX-SR603X 7.1 A/V Receiver

Part I

March, 2006

Jared Rachwalski




● Codecs: DD, DD-EX, DPL-IIx, DTS, DTS-ES
    Discrete/Matrix, DTS Neo:6, DTS 96/24
● Power Output: 90 Watts x 7 into 8 Ohms

THD: 0.08%
● DACs: 24/192

● iPod Link and XM Satellite Radio Capability

● Dimensions: 6.8" H x 17.1" W x 14.8" D
● Weight: 24.3 Pounds
● MSRP: $499 USA Base Price



The budget home theater market is a crowded group, with a lot of decent choices for under $500 MSRP. So it is not surprising that manufactures are packing as much into each receiver as they can. Case in point, the new $499 TX-SR603X receiver from Onkyo. This receiver comes packed with a specified 90 watts per channel, automatic calibration with multi-band EQ, and multiple crossover points.

If those features were not enough to entice you, the fine folks at Onkyo also threw in a learning remote with macros, decoding for most surround formats, and for the technophiles among us, iPod and satellite radio control. It seems the only thing they missed was a full set of pre-outs for all channels.

To make up for that, there is the ability to have a powered second zone by easily reconfiguring the rear surround channels. Three years ago, when I purchased my Marantz SR5300 at $499, most of those options were saved for the high end receivers. Now they are standard even on the low priced units. Isn't trickle down technology great!

The Design

The Onkyo TX-SR603X is rated at 90 watts per channel with an 8 ohm load, and offers video switching with a 50 MHz bandwidth. The unit also comes with the standard plethora of inputs and outputs. You get three component video inputs, five S-Video inputs, and five composite video inputs. For outputs, you get one component video output, three S-Video outputs, and three composite video outputs. The unit will also convert the composite and S-Video inputs to the component output.

For audio, you get four digital optical inputs and two digital coaxial inputs. You also have a six-channel analog input, and six additional stereo analog inputs. Outputs are limited to one digital output, four stereo analog outputs, and one pre-out assigned to the subwoofer. Additionally, the unit comes with an IR input, allowing you to expand your remote control usability, and a 12 volt trigger to power a second zone amp.

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