Product Review

Kaleidescape Media Server

Part II

December, 2004

John E. Johnson, Jr.


There is also a Installer Page, for use by custom installers. Accessing it gives this initial Home Menu.

From there, you go to Preferences where you set up your time zone and passwords for getting into the system.

The Components Menu sets up the three components of the system, with serial numbers and IP addresses.

Under Components - Movie Players - Settings, you set up the resolutions that you want to send to your display. I used the Kaleidescape with component video cables going to my Sony 10-HT LCD projector, and a Toslink optical cable going to my Theta Casablanca III for the audio. About half way down this menu, you can see the HDMI section. It is grayed out here, because I didn't have an HDMI projector connected. For the newer projectors with HDMI inputs, once you connect the projector, this section of the menu becomes active.

The Groups Menu tells the system how many servers you have (in the case where one server does not have enough storage for all your movies).

The Diagnostics Menu has a list of all the server events over time, including software updates.

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