Product Review

RBH AC-5T Floor-Standing Tower Speakers

Part II - On the Bench and Conclusions

January, 2004

Colin Miller


On the Bench (JEJ)

At 50 Hz and 100 dB output, with the microphone at 10" from the woofers, there was 4.8% THD.

At 100 Hz, we measured much less THD than there was at 50 Hz.

At 1 kHz, there was less than 1% THD measured from the midrange driver.

The tweeter produced less than 0.5% THD with a 5 kHz input signal.

IMD was a very low 0.09% using 5 kHz and 6 kHz input signals.

At 10 kHz, still less than 0.5% THD.

The measured frequency response (quasi-anechoic) showed a tendency to rise throughout the midrange to a peak at about 4.8 kHz, then slowly decline. This could give a sense of brightness in the sound.

Impedance has a low of 7 Ohms and a high of 24 Ohms. The average would be somewhere around 13 Ohms, so these speakers would be an easy load for mass market receivers to drive. The electrical phase stays well within ± 450.



Maybe that was too short, considering how my tendencies lean towards avoiding a point, but if you want more, see the AC system review, as the AC-5T tower loudspeakers are fortunately so much like their AC-51 cousins when it comes to every part of the audible spectrum save the very bottom.

And the point is . . . one more good option, as a starting point for a music/movie audio system, or even from scratch. Even though, like most ‘full-range’ loudspeakers, they can benefit from a good subwoofer, the AC-5T towers are entirely capable by themselves, enough that I’m going to bug RBH about purchasing the review set. What kind of son would I be if I let my parents use inferior, ugly loudspeakers? The RBH AC-5T tower speakers are just the thing for their living room. Their looks imply class and style, and their sound proves it.

- Colin Miller -


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