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Product Review

Onkyo HT-S767c Home Theater in a Box

December, 2003

Brian Weatherhead



  • HT-R510 Receiver

  • DV-CP701 DVD Changer

  • 100 Watts per channel x 6

  • 0.08% THD

  • Component Video Switching


  • 5 AV Inputs 2 outputs

  • Progressive output from DVD Player

  • 150 watt subwoofer

MSRP $800 USA 




The UPS guys just love me. Each of the Onkyo systems was delivered in a box the size of a large fridge. I was very pleased to be reviewing the Onkyo systems in our roundup, because Onkyo has always been one of my favorite mass market companies. 

System Components

The HT-S767c is composed of the DV-CP701 DVD player, the HT-R510 receiver, and the 200 series speaker system.

HT-R510 and DV-CP701

Built specifically for this package, the 510 receiver is a full 6.1 receiver with 100 watts to all 6 channels. While I'm not a big fan of the rainbow colored speaker connectors, it made hooking up the six speakers pretty much idiot proof. Blue to Blue, Red to red . . . you get the picture. The R510 features a solid power backing and sounds very defined and clear. Specified at 0.08% THD, the receiver was clean and didn't have any noticeable colorations.

The 510 offers five A/V inputs and two outputs, just right for your starting home theater buff. The receiver is capable of decoding any 6.1 source such as DTS-ES and DD-EX. The component video switching is progressive compatible and has two inputs and one output.

Overall, the receiver was easy to use, and the remote was easy to operate. The unit was everything I would expect at this price level and didn't have any glaring marks against it. It performed very well, and had enough power to give the provided speaker set more than they could handle.

The DVD player is a six-disc carousel changer, something nice to see at this price level. With progressive out, and digital out, it's well equipped. The DVD player delivered a nice clean picture and fast layer changes. The player also has the ability to play Kodak picture CDs and music files. Although not necessary, these are great features, and it shows that Onkyo is willing to go the extra mile for their customers.


The speakers provided in this system are well suited to the package. They handle the power well from the receiver, and are as defined and clear as the rest of the system. The speakers are composed of the SKF-200F for left and right, the SKC-200C for center, the SKM-200 for surrounds, and a SKW-200 powered subwoofer.

Each speaker has two 5.25" drivers and a 1" tweeter. They performed very well, with clear definition in the lower octaves and warm somewhat laid back highs. If I had one bone to pick it would have been that the midrange should be more defined. Nevertheless, I think that the system performed higher than I would have expected. I wouldn't put this system in a large room, as it performs the best is a small to medium sized room. The subwoofer is more than adequate to keep up with the rest of the system, and performs well in its price bracket. Don't expect 18" subwoofer type performance, but do expect it to be more than enough for modest sized rooms.


Overall the system is extremely well balanced, and all the components complement each other very well. The receiver is a very good unit, good enough to keep if you upgrade other parts of your system later on. With the inclusion of all the cables, this box set is ready to rip and roar right out of the carton. At $800, the Onkyo HT-S767c is an extremely good value.

-Brian Weatherhead -


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