Home Theater Product Review

Onkyo HT-S660 Home Theater in a Box

December, 2003

Brian Weatherhead 




  • HT-R410 Receiver

  • 100 Watts per channel x 5

  • 0.08% THD

  • DTS, DD

  • 4 AV Inputs 2 outputs

  • 150 watt subwoofer

MSRP $400 




If you have not read our review of the S767c system, give it a good once over, as both of these system share many qualities. 

System Components

The H7-660 package is composed of a HTR410 receiver and system 150 speaker set. It shares the same 150 watt sub as the 767. You will notice that this package doesn't include a DVD player, while the 767 does.


The 410 is almost identical to the 510. It offers 100 watts to each of its five channels. The 410 offers five A/V inputs and two outputs, just right for your starting home theater buff. This unit is for 5.1 vs the 6.1 in the 767. The receiver also lacks component video inputs, but offers three S-Video and four composites.

in 5.1 and stereo mode, the unit sounds just like the 767, which is a complement, because the 767 is a great receiver. For those of you who might not want to use 6.1 yet, this might be the perfect setup.


I would have been very pleased to see the same 200 series speakers that are in the 767 system in the 660 system. Onkyo chose to use the smaller 150 series for the 660. Where the 200 series was very adequate for medium size rooms, I would recommend that you use the 150 series in a small room. The speakers produced their highest fidelity when played at low to medium volume, which in a smaller room would be more than adequate. These are nice speakers, with great detail, but size matters. 

At low to medium volumes the speakers sound very good, if not exactly like their larger 200 series brethren. I would suspect that the drivers are identical but less in number. I would have verified this, but the grilles can't be removed easily. The sub was very good in this system providing an abundance of volume.

Considering the price for this entire system, it's more than a bargain, it's an outright steal. Most subs of this caliber are usually priced at what this entire system costs. If you are looking to get a home theater for the first time, and want to test the waters before diving in, the 660 should be on your short list.


Where the 767 package was a great bargain, this set is a great, great bargain. If you need to get a DVD player with your package, I would recommend that you buy the 767. If you already have a DVD player or perhaps want some real fidelity on a PC based system, the 660 package is a sure fit. It has all the fidelity and quality of the bigger 767 package, but plays a little quieter, and can be bought for a smaller entry fee.

-Brian Weatherhead -


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