Quick-Take Product Review

BetterCables Blue Truth Interconnects and Speaker Cables

May, 2003

John E. Johnson, Jr.



● OFC Twisted Pair Copper Conductors, Silver Plated
● Teflon Dielectric
● BulletPlug RCA Terminations or Bananas
● MSRP: $209.95 for 2 Meter Pair of RCA
     Interconnects, $249.95 for 2 Meter Pair of XLR
     Interconnects, and $349.95 for 3 Meter Pair of
     Speaker Cables



BetterCables is known by just about anyone who shops for A/V products on the Internet. The reasons are simple: Quality and low prices.

Even those consumers who don't believe that expensive esoteric cables sound better than simple ones, they will all agree that you can't just put in any old shoddy cable and expect your system to sound good. Bad solder joints, wires that come loose from terminations, etc., are just not appropriate in today's complex home theaters.

BetterCables takes care of that by supplying straightforward physics with excellent material quality, and sells them only on the Internet, so we save about half of what we pay at dealers.

The Blue Truth is their latest iteration of simplicity, quality, and not very expensive.

They are available as interconnects or speaker cables. I used a set of balanced XLR interconnects and a set of speaker cables terminated with bananas.

The bananas are the kind that I really like, as they are spring tensioned along the length of the banana.

The design is a twisted pair, with each member of the pair having 19 individual copper strands, and each strand is coated with silver plating.

Teflon is the dielectric, which is considered about the best there is, with its low dielectric constant, and should provide a low capacitance.

Both sets of review samples appeared to be well constructed, as I continually was plugging them in and unplugging them for use with several sets of other components under review. The rubber collars near the terminations gave me sturdy usage over several months of testing.

Both products are a little stiffer than some that I have used over the years, but not so stiff as to be hard to handle.

Sound quality was solid, and what I have come to expect from BetterCables. There was no harshness or smearing that I could detect. All in all, these latest BetterCables products are as listenable as any that I have heard.

Heavy build, great sound, and easy on the wallet. I have no reservations about recommending these for all applications in home theater.


- John E. Johnson, Jr. -

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