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CEDIA - 2007

Denver, Colorado - September 5-9, 2007



From this point forward, we will be recording our video interviews in High Definition (1080i), using various HD camcorders, and the videos will be available for viewing in HD for several months after they are initially posted. After that, we will convert them to a lower resolution due to the large amount of server space that they occupy in HD form (about 45 MB for each minute of HD).

For CEDIA - 2007, we recorded four different segments to try the HD format out. They are encoded as *.wmv files, so you will need the latest Microsoft Windows Media Player to view them in HD.

When you click on the video, it will take two minutes or so to download the buffer, and then it will start to play, so be patient. HD on the Internet is a new frontier!

Let us know if you like this format, as Secrets is the first A/V publication anywhere to be publishing video interviews in HD. The amount of detail you will see in these interviews is vastly different than the usual Internet video.

It will take some time to edit and post them all, and we will let you know on the home page when a new one is available.

Bob Stuart - Meridian

Hank Finke - Lexicon

Jeff Talmadge - Denon


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